On Fictional Darkness


This is a weekly blog featuring me discussing smorgasbords of books.

I primarily focus on the newest and hottest publications in the Young Adult, Science Fiction, and Fantasy genres. If a new novel’s on fire in the blogisphere, then you can bet that I’m on it. But I also appreciate the unsung heroes of literature when I can find them. My quest is to find the best book possible, read it, and then move on to a thousand more.

I post my reviews to Goodreads as well–I accept any and all friend requests, excepting those of an inappropriately inclined nature.

I occasionally receive eARCs from Netgalley. I review a portion of the ARCs that I receive.

Fictional Darkness used to be Lovable Reader. Although these names are quite different, I feel as if “Fictional Darkness” is a phrase that portrays my goal more accurately. I love to delve deep into a delicious story and come out with its darkest, most gut-wrenching parts. Plus, I was bored and got tired of my blog’s old name. Anywayyy…

The purpose of this blog is to expose the truly brilliant writings that make me feel something as well as creations that I may not personally enjoy. I review each book using my standard 5-star rating system and dedicate a full post to its discussion. Check out my Categories & Rating System page for more information on how the rating system works.

On the author

Me = Just a chick who likes to document her life.

I’m an aspiring computer programmer who loves reading, eating, and socializing with a diverse collection of humans. I’m currently attending college, and I hope to complete an undergraduate degree in computer science with a concentration in software engineering.

I love people who love books. Do you love books? Please talk to me. I’d be happy to discuss.

Best of 2015


So far, my favorite novel published in 2015 is Uprooted by Naomi Novik. It is a high fantasy about a young village girl in a magic-filled world who joins up with a wizard to fight the forces of evil. The writer poured awesomesauce all over this book. It’s golden.

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