My Friend’s Dog Needs an Emergency Surgery

Hi guys, I haven’t posted in a while but I felt I needed to post this in order to support my friend in her time of need, as she has always supported me.

I’m sharing her GoFundMe on here. Even just sharing the given link on Facebook or Twitter would help. I don’t have many followers so I don’t expect this to get any hits, but I figured I had to try. Stephanie’s dog is a beautiful member of the family and an emotional support animal; his well-being is of the utmost importance, and right now, she is stretched very thin and needs, at the very least, some kind words. Here is the link to her GoFundMe page. <—


This ^^^ is the link. Once again, thanks to anyone who read this. I have never supported or posted a GoFundMe before, but Stephanie is a wonderful person who works very hard. Her dog is in pain. I felt I had to do this.


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