About the Blog


I know. There are thousands of book review blogs out there.

I’m adding my voice, and my collection of favorite books, to the mix.

The reality is that more novels are being marketed than ever before. Authors are clamoring for their books to be read because the pool of readers is shrinking as the pool of writers increases. People want to be listened to more than they want to listen. I understand. I’m a writer too. But I can never let go of my favorite pastime: reading.

Thus, the purpose of this blog is to expose the truly brilliant writings that make me feel something as well as creations that I may not personally enjoy. I review each book using my standard 5-star rating system and dedicate a full post to its discussion. You may find that some books I review were published years ago while others are recent releases.

You will find a variety of different genres here. From fantasy and historical fiction to contemporary and suspense, I cover pretty much any book that piques my interest as a reader.

These are my personal thoughts and are in no way authorities on which books you should read. You can make that decision for yourself. However…

Feel free to travel with me as I adventure the vast, and ultimately endless, universe that is the written word.

Books mean a lot to me. And hey, if you’re here, maybe they mean something to you too. I try to do justice with every review. If you have a differing opinion or just want to join the discussion, I encourage you to make some comments.

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