A Little Life

Hey Readers!

I have never been so iffy about a book in a long time. I did finish this book early this morning, after the fact that I wanted to get it done. I started this book off by reading the physical copy, but then I switched to the audiobook when I had to return the copy that I read back to the library.

First things first this book was very dense and there are many triggers in the book. While reading this book I could feel myself getting angry at many points in this book. I personally not recommend this novel to a lot of people due to the fact of what happens throughout the entire novel. I have had to set this book down multiple times while reading, but I finally decided that I wanted to push through and finish it. This book was one of the longest books that I have read (not page count wise). I did struggle with this book many times when I was reading it and I have never been so iterated with a book in a long time.

With everything that has happened to Jude in this book was insane. I have never heard of this much trauma happening to one person as a child in my entire lifetime. I did grow frustrated with some of his loved ones (when Jude was an adult) who didn’t take what he was doing to himself seriously enough to have him get some help. I know that Jude had lots of trauma from his childhood, but I would have thought that some of his friends would “bug” him enough to get him some help to deal with some of those issues.

Now that I have finished this book, I’m glad that I borrowed it from the library. I have heard nothing but good things about this book with a few negative reviews. I would tell anyone who wants to read this book to prepare yourself with a crazy amount of trigger warnings and to be a little bit frustrated with some characters. I do wish that this book was about 200 pages shorter and not as dense.

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